Why bring instrumental assessments to your facility?

Has the speech-language pathologist at your facility been ordering multiple modified barium swallow studies? Have they been requesting mobile services come to your facility to provide assessment for your patients? You've come to the right place. Here at Arizona Swallowing & Voice Diagnostics, we understand the need for balancing budgets with providing excellent patient care. 

Yes, SLPs have been trained to provide dietary recommendations, compensatory strategies, and treatment strategies to improve outcomes. However, we are not able to see inside a patient when they are swallowing, and bedside swallow evaluations have been found to have a 70% error rate in appropriate diagnosis and recommendations. Simply put, we cannot treat what we cannot see. Through use of the imaging techniques provided by Arizona Swallowing & Voice Diagnostics, your SLP(s) can develop a more targeted and effective treatment plan for the patients of your facility.


Sending your patients out for a modified barium swallow can be costly (up to $1,600 per study) as you must cover the cost of the study itself, transportation to and from the hospital, and pay any staff members that must accompany the patients. Through use of mobile instrumentation, you can cut this bill to less than a third of the cost you are currently paying! This saves your business money, and provides adequate and more specific evaluation results for your therapists to use.


This leads to a better balanced budget, happier staff members, and better patient outcomes for your facility. It sounds like a winning scenario for all involved! 

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