For Professionals


An administrator is in charge of the smooth operation of their facility, including the care and safety of their residents. Click on the picture to learn how bringing FEES to your facility can help advance your mission.

Rehab Directors

A rehab director has the important job of ensuring their patients are receiving an adequate amount of rehabilitative services to meet their maximum potential. Click on the picture to learn how scheduling a mobile FEES will ensure adequate care without taking away from other daily services.

Speech-Language Pathologists

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are the professionals in charge of assessing and developing a patient with dysphagia's plan of care. Click on the picture to learn how advocating for mobile FEES services can help guide treatment planning for your patients and to lead to optimal care.


Nurses are the front line of patient care, and ensure that patient plans of care are enacted appropriately. Click on the picture to learn how advocating for mobile FEES services for your patients can help ensure effective plans of care for your patients and help maximize their independence with meals.


Physicians play a crucial role in the medical management for their patients. Whether patients report difficulty swallowing or changes in their voice, recruiting our services for your practice can ensure accurate diagnoses and pinpointed treatment methods. Click on the picture to learn more about our services.

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