Why should you advocate for instrumental assessments in your facility?

Nurses and speech-language pathologists work tirelessly together in the care of patients with swallowing disorders. Questioned appropriate methods of administering medications to your patients only to be left with more questions? Have too many strategies to use during meals with your patients? Are your residents complaining about being on modified diets and/or thickened liquids? This is where Arizona Swallowing & Voice Diagnostics comes in, in order to help those who provide the greatest amount of direct patient care.

Through use of instrumental assessments, we're able to provide recommendations for appropriate means of medication administration. We're able to provide only effective strategies to use during meals, potentially lightening your workload. For the patients with complaints regarding their dietary situation, we're able to show them directly the results of their swallow studies and provide accurate dietary recommendations. You can see, the use of instrumentation for your patients can be highly valuable, and Arizona Swallowing & Voice Diagnostics aims to bring this value to you!

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