Why order mobile instrumental assessments for your patients?

Physicians have the job of ensuring optimal medical care for their patients. So how does mobile instrumental swallowing and voice assessments factor into this? Both FEES and laryngeal videostroboscopy are considered gold standards in the assessment of swallowing and voice disorders, and can lead to better treatment outcomes for your patients.

If you are the physician of patients at a long-term care facility or a skilled nursing home, you understand that sometimes your patients just aren't well enough to travel to the closest hospital for one assessment. Or that they'd be more comfortable remaining in their residence throughout the day. Arizona Swallowing & Voice Diagnostics is able to ensure both of these are ameliorated, as we come directly to your patient and assess them where they are most comfortable!

Are you a physician in an office, and see patients with swallowing and voice services? Have you had to refer them elsewhere, and listen as they've told you they have to wait months for the appointment? Now you can offer the services you refer to in your own office! This cuts down on patient wait time, as we are able to schedule an assessment within 24-48 hours and complete the test in your office with you present.

The goals of Arizona Swallowing & Voice Diagnostics match very well with your mission of providing the best care for your patients. We take pride in our ability to collaborate with other medical professionals in the advancement of the patients we see!

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