How can mobile instrumental assessments help the rehab department?

As the director of the rehabilitation department, you have the stressful job of balancing RUG levels and treatment minutes for the patients in your facility. Usually, this process can run fairly smoothly but there are times when your patient's minutes are interrupted by extraneous factors. One of these factors can be when your speech-language pathologist refers a patient for a modified barium swallow study (MBS).

Although MBS's take, on average, takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, this time just includes the tests on its own. It does not account for transportation time to the hospital, back from the hospital, or any travel situations that may arise. Additionally, patients may fatigue from such a lengthy process, and may elect to go to sleep for the day after completing their MBS. That could cost a whole day's worth of PT, OT, and ST services for one assessment. That's where Arizona Swallowing & Voice Diagnostics comes in!

Mobile instrumental assessments are time efficient, usually taking no longer than fifteen minutes. Additionally, there is no transportation required, as we come to you! Due to the low time of our assessments and lack of transportation, this leaves plenty of time throughout the day to complete your patient's scheduled therapy. 

Mobile instrumental assessments can also lead to better productivity from your speech-language pathologists, as they do not have to take time out of their day to call and follow-up with the hospital regarding results for the study, as our results are available to your SLP immediately following completion of the assessment! This set up can be a great benefit to all members of the rehab team.

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